JELL-0 Gelatin pops, bring them back!

So I’ve been craving some Jell-o gelatin pops lately.  I remember eating them when I was a kid and they were so good.  For some reason I seem to be the only person who remembers these though.  They were great, which makes it seem weird to me that no one else knows about them.  That could be what led to them not being available anymore.

They had these and Jell-o pudding pops.  The Gelatin pops were strawberry, orange, cherry, and raspberry I think.  The pudding pops were vanilla, chocolate, and vanilla chocolate swirl.  The pops were frozen, obviously, but weren’t really hard like regular popsicles. I think that, and the creamier taste they had, are what made them so good.

I have looked all over the internet for these and have found that they, and any other knowledge about them is basically non-existent.  There is a Facebook page that is dedicated to bringing them back, and Kraft lists them on their product timeline showing they came out in 1981.

The Kraft webpage ( page lists a new recipe for them.   The one for strawberry is as follows:

1 cup boiling water.

1 3oz package of Jell-o gelatin.

1/3 cup sugar.

1-1/3 cups cold water.

To prepare:

Add boiling water, gelatin mix, and sugar into medium bowl, stir 2 minutes until gelatin is completely dissolved.  After that add the 1-1/3 cups of cold water to the mix.  I’m not sure if you stir it with a spoon, or if you use a mixer.  I saw a video that mixed it with a mixer and it looks like it would have a lighter texture.

Pour the mixture into 6 plastic or paper cups.  Put them in the freezer for 2 hours, and then insert a stick into the center of them.  Let them freeze 3 more hours or until they are totally frozen.

I’m really excited to try these. There are other variations on the site too.  Some use more or less water, and more or less sugar.  I hope they are somewhat close to what I remember eating as a kid.

Do you remember Jello Gelatin Pops?

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